Where to eat at Paris Zoo?

Across its 14.5 hectares, Paris Zoo invites young and old alike to discover 5 particular ecosystems and their inhabitants. Among the approximately 2,000 animals visible, you probably don’t want to be like a turtle, lugging around the whole fridge on your back! We get it. Overview of the Zoological Gardens’ and the surrounding areas’ restaurants.

The zoo’s restaurants

During your stroll in the heart of the zoological garden, you’ll find several restaurants ready to welcome you. You have a choice between classic restaurants and something more gourmet. Focus on the different catering possibilities at Paris Zoo.

Le Monument Café

Monument Café
Buffet at Monument Café

Le Monument café Zoo de Paris is located in the “biozone Patagonie”. This restaurant offers guests various meals and snacks for lunch and afternoon tea, with seasonal dishes featuring fish, meat, or even vegetables for vegetarians.

Different options are available: the children’s menu, the “formule découverte”, the all-you-can-eat buffet… An average of 35€ must be planned for a complete meal.

Le Zarafa

Le Zarafa is buried deep inside the Savannah ecosystem. It has 114 seats inside and 56 outside.

The restaurant has a salad bar, burgers, pasta, fich and chips… but also sugary snacks like crêpes during the afternoon.

Zarafa restaurant Vincennes
Le Zarafa’s terrace

Le Zarafa has a special offer for kids over 3 with a surprise at the end of the meal. There are also special options for vegetarians.

Pricewise, expect to pay 12 euro for an adult and 8.50 for a child meal.

Gourmet points

You will find many gourmet points while walking through the park, allowing you to eat on the go. In case you don’t have time to stop at a restaurant, these points are a good option to consider, as they serve fast food and snacks.

  • Rosie, next to the lion enclosure at the Clairières, offers salty dishes but also a wide range of sweet treats, such as pancakes, waffles and cookies.
  • Twiggy, next to the Zarafa restaurant, offers pinas, hot and cold sandwiches, and sweet treats for afternoon tea.
  • Zakko, near the wolf enclosure in Europe’s biozone, offers hot and cold sandwiches and a wide range of sweet products, such as ice cream.

The restaurants near the zoo

For those who wish to dine outside the zoo grounds, some restaurants are located nearby.

Le chalet des Iles Daumesnil

This restaurant is situated 300 metres away from the park. It enjoys a good reputation and serves French and European cuisine.

Le bistrot de la Porte Dorée

This bistro is located 500 metres away from the zoological gardens. The reviews online are enthusiastic. There you’ll find French and European cuisine.

Les Cascades

Les Cascades is located 300 metres away from the zoo. The restaurant has good reviews on the web. Diners there will be treated to French and European cuisine.

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